Amsterdam & Rotterdam


How do I want to live? Or: What do I find important? It’s not always easy to find an answer. Sometimes language doesn’t capture the real things. We feel more at ease with numbers and schedules. It has to be concise and tangible, while there are changes upon changes. How do we find a foothold? People feel that they have to figure it out themselves. That freedom is good, but can also be challenging.

That is why it’s nice if there is a place where you can get new ideas and can hear inspirational stories, without being imposed with those ideas. A warm place, where you can go to exhale, to recharge and to stimulate the mind. That place is ‘De Nieuwe Poort’ (the New Portal).

De Nieuwe Poort was founded by Pastor-entrepeneur Ruben van Zwieten.


De Nieuwe Poort is the community center of the present, a platform for reflection and meeting. The place on the Zuidas in Amsterdam the Weena in Rotterdam, where you can go to meet friends or strangers. In our cafe/restaurant not only your stomach will be filled. Besides coffee, lunch, drinks or dinner, you will feel relaxed and inspired. De Nieuwe Poort will clear your head with live music and will fill your mind with art and poetry.



Are you ready for more? De Niewe Poort stimulates the mind with symposia, lectures and debates about existential subjects. Join us every third Thursday of the month at the ‘Grote Mensen Ontmoetingsdiner’ (the Grownups Meeting dinner), which is mostly in Dutch, but is accessible for people who speak other languages as well.



You can also work at our locations. We have special spaces that incite a feeling of tranquility and peace. Slightly different than you are used to, where new ideas can flourish. Come and discover the possibilities.

Meeting Rooms