Social Kitchen Amsterdam en Rotterdam


Jonas studied industrial design at TU Delft. He is a man with a vision and ability to engage others with his cause. Jonas is driven by sustainability and circular thinking, with a sense for commerce. He is a co-founder of the Rotterdam based design agency Better Future Factory (BFF) and co-initiator of the Perpetual Plastic Project.

‘As I strolled past the thick black heavy table in the living room, being a small being, I could only just see past its looming aluminum edges to view what was actually on top of it. As I learned, as you do, to try to take as many matters into your own hands; I reached.

Covered in thought, most probably about relative real world problems – such as how to finish the sail of my LEGO pirate ship while the connection rope was missing – I may have lost a bit of eye for the physical world.

The glass broke. Elegantly as it was in one piece it loudly and eloquently shattered on the floor in many.

“Someone close to me once said… read more.

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Na in De Nieuwe Poort vele meesterpreken van CEO’s en commissarissen zoals Dick Boer, Feike Sijbesma en Joanne Kellermann te hebben gehad, krijgen in deze reeks juist jonge ondernemers het woord. Meesters maken zo plaats voor leerlingen. Tijdens deze millennialpreken luisteren we naar inspirerende young professionals die iets spraakmakends bewerkstelligen.

De Millennialpreek wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met het Venture Café.

Houd onze agenda in de gaten om te zien wie in de aankomende maanden bij ons te gast is.