Social Kitchen Amsterdam en Rotterdam


“The plastic soup? You won’t fix it by staying in your office – and that actually holds true for many things.” says Nienke Binnendijk. Nienke runs the business side of BlueCityLab, the innovation hub for circular economy in Rotterdam. She combines curiosity, optimistically working on a better future with actually DOING it.

‘Anywhere in the world, there are local markets. Whenever I am in Berlin, Taipei or Rio de Janeiro, the smell of fish, fruits and fried food is connected to spots where locals do their groceries. Every Saturday I am such a local at the market in Amsterdam, the city I currently live. Its ten minutes by bike from my house before I store it next to all the other bikes at the Noordermarkt. I smile to Maarten, the entrepreneur who runs the dairy stand. He is the typical grumpy, yet kind hearted owner that I think also every local market around the world will have. He and his younger colleagues recognize me as soon as I empty my bag filled with returnable glass. No plastics, right? – Right. I fill my huge bag with eggs, cheese, yoghurt, cream, butter, and then I move to the other shops, where I get my fruits and veggies, meat for my boyfriend, two fish, lentils, rice, granola, nuts and some coffee. I walk home – I always buy more than my bike can carry. Sometimes my boyfriend, or another friend join in to enjoy this local experience, but often, I go alone.

I am there every Saturday, because I made a choice that for some of you might sound quite radical: I choose to have a household without single-use plastics. In this twenty minutes preach, I share with you how my view upon the world and my view upon circular economy shifted by this choice. Let me explain how I started, ….read more.

Na in De Nieuwe Poort vele meesterpreken van CEO’s en commissarissen zoals Dick Boer, Feike Sijbesma en Joanne Kellermann te hebben gehad, krijgen in deze reeks juist jonge ondernemers het woord. Meesters maken zo plaats voor leerlingen. Tijdens deze millennialpreken luisteren we naar inspirerende young professionals die iets spraakmakends bewerkstelligen.

De Millennialpreek wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met het Venture Café.

Houd onze agenda in de gaten om te zien wie in de aankomende maanden bij ons te gast is.