Meet, eat, engage and unwind

De Nieuwe Poort is a restaurant and social workplace. It’s a place to meet and hire rooms. It’s also a research institute that addresses social issues. You can come to us not only to unwind and recharge, but also to gain new inspiration and step outside your social bubble. Sounds confusing? We understand, but it’s actually very simple. Everything we do is the result of one conviction: The world is a better place when we take care of each other.

I’m looking for a room in

You will find peace and reflection here. There’s space for lectures and debates and you can meet people that you normally wouldn’t cross paths with.

Lucas Boot, writer and interim content manager


De Nieuwe Poort is a place for everyone and that’s reflected in our team. We are a divers team of old hands, students, refugees and people who have fallen behind in society. Each one an extraordinary person with an inspiring story.

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Food and drinks

Our door is always open to you. Drop by for a cup of coffee or a drink, or try the food from our Social Kitchen.



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