De Nieuwe Poort means something different to everyone. One person may come to learn, another to do volunteer work or to get to know another culture. Whatever your motivation, there’s always a great initiative to join.

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Street football tournament

The most fun work break of the year!

Every year, professionals from the business district and school pupils play together to win the much-coveted Street Football Cup. Why? To meet different people, to bridge cultural differences, and to rediscover each year that a love of sport connects us all.

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Valentine’s Day

Before you know it, you have a date!

To draw attention to loneliness amongst older people, young people take them on a date on Valentine’s Day. For more than a decade, this has led to enjoyable, disarming and moving encounters. And the people who have been on dates together often stay in contact long after 14 February. Now every year, there are some 500 participants in Amsterdam and about 200 couples take part in Rotterdam.

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Platform Young People, Work and Hope

Think, Do and Investigate

Despite a flourishing economy, unemployment amongst young people remains high. Why is this group so vulnerable and how can we help? With the platform Young People, Work and Hope, we have focused on the position of vulnerable young people in society. Thanks in part to support from the Goldschmeding Foundation, we have developed a long-term policy to tackle youth unemployment in the Netherlands.