Restaurant on the Zuidas in Amsterdam

Food connects people. By eating together, you form a bond that’s stronger than social or cultural differences. At De Nieuwe Poort we value what’s on our plate. And the people who help put it there. Our restaurant is a unique place in the business heart of Amsterdam: the Zuidas.

De Nieuwe Poort

De Nieuwe Poort is a restaurant and social workplace. We like to show that special things can happen when people are open with each other. Our location in Amsterdam is located on the Zuidas. In our restaurant you can be surprised by the dishes from our Social Kitchen. Taste the coffee of our baristas or end your working day with a nice drink. Our restaurant on the Zuidas in Amsterdam is open all day during the working week.

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Our menu offers a combination of familiar classics and modern cuisine. All of it prepared with care and attention in our Social Kitchen.

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Several members of our team have – for one reason or another – a disadvantage on the employment market. Whether it’s a language barrier, a life of setbacks, or a difficult start…everyone has a story.

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Bamba, Cook

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Drinks on the Zuidas

End the working week with colleagues, catch up with an old friend, or snuggle into a corner with a glass of wine and a book… enjoying a drink at the restaurant of De Nieuwe Poort on the Zuidas in Amsterdam is always a good idea. Particularly with our delicious drinks and tasty snacks.

Special Suppliers

Our suppliers are also special and we choose them with care. We not only value the best products, but also the story behind the company. Each one of our suppliers is a social enterprise with an inspiring philosophy.

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