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Meeting rooms at De Nieuwe Poort

Meeting rooms at De Nieuwe Poort

At De Nieuwe Poort, we want to show that amazing things can happen when people are open with one another. When they step out of their usual social environment and meet different people. That’s why everyone is welcome. Professionals can hire a room to gather here and meet for lunch or dinner. People who, for one reason or another have a harder time managing in society, can find work and new opportunities. And of course you can just drop by at our location in Rotterdam. For a bite from the Social Kitchen, a cup of coffee, an interesting lecture or an engaging event.

Rotterdam Weena

Our location on the Weena wasn’t chosen at random. These hectic, career-oriented locations often lack a softer, more human pulse. De Nieuwe Poort represents that side of society by offering a place for engagement, rest and inspiration. A place where you can recharge and where hospitality and human contact are valued.

Unique place to work

De Nieuwe Poort in Rotterdam has three rooms for rent with a variable capacity. This makes our location the ideal ambiance for working appointments, meetings and brainstorming sessions, among other things. Are you looking for a unique room? We will be happy to provide you with more information about the possibilities of renting rooms at De Nieuwe Poort in Rotterdam.

Do you have special requests or need help booking a room?
If so, please contact us. We would like to invite you to De Nieuwe Poort.