Our suppliers

Our suppliers

Our suppliers are also special and we choose them with care. We not only value the best products, but also the story behind the company. Each one of our suppliers is a social enterprise with an inspiring philosophy.



KoeckeBackers makes great cookies, that’s for sure. But they are nothing more than a tool. It’s mainly about providing a place for young adults who have been out of circulation for a while. For example, people receiving social welfare but wanting to return to work. People who, like KoeckeBackers, have a taste for adventure and want to learn about themselves. We serve KoeckeBackers cookies with our hot drinks at our Zuidas branch.


Brouwerij De 7 Deugden

De 7 Deugden brewery employs people with disabilities. People who are unable to find work elsewhere. The brewery asks people what they can do, rather than what they can’t. It often takes time to find out where their strengths lie. It’s quite a process, but they do it anyway. And that takes courage. De 7 Deugden brews beers with distinctive flavours that you won’t soon forget. A delicious accompaniment to a meal or cheese board.



Bakkerswerkplaats gives a chance to people who are unable to manage in a normal work environment. Because they are socially or mentally challenged, cannot deal with the pressures of conventional employment or work a bit more slowly. At Bakkerswerkplaats they learn the subtleties of the baker’s art. We serve their tasty farmhouse bread at our branches in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Want to sample more of their products? Bakkerswerkplaats has a shop in Rotterdam…


Heilige Boontjes

Coffee with a story. Heilige Boontjes helps get (disadvantaged) young Rotterdammers into work. Coffee is the means by which they do it. In a 50-week course, young people are trained in various jobs including coffee roaster, barista, distributor and sales. When the course is over, they have the necessary skills and mindset to enter the employment market. You can sample Heilige Boontjes coffee at our branches in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It’s also available from their webshop and branches in Rotterdam-West.